Passengers and Boy Bands

Passengers and Boy Bands

Passengers and Boy Bands

“When I was little I wanted to be in a boy band.”

Oh, the things you will hear in the backseat while traveling. This weekend I road shotgun from Chapel Hill, N.C. to Salisbury, N.C. and back to Chapel Hill, N.C., within 24 hours too. We made the quick trip to my hometown to see one of our friends home from San Diego, CA. Her birthday was last week so she flew home to celebrate it with those of us still in NC. It is always good catching up with friends, especially those you lived with for two years.

Riding shotgun and being in the car with one of my best friends and her boyfriend of two years can have its side effects. You begin to see how they interact – most of which, I already knew. They are truly themselves around each other. Also, when around those two, nothing is off limits and anything goes. It is a good thing I am so close with both, otherwise there would be some awkward moments. Sometimes, well actually most of the time, I yell at them to tone it down. You know the vulgar comments and what not, neither of them have any sort of filter.

If you are in a relationship and you are unable to be yourself – and I mean completely 100 percent yourself – it will never work. Trust me. Some couples spend the beginning of their relationships trying or pretending to be someone they aren’t. THEN, both partners are confused as to why they don’t get along as well as they did one year later. Or, even worse, married couples wonder where their relationship is headed after their one-year anniversary. Being yourself, honest, real, mature and spontaneous, it is what makes those relationships everyone is jealous of.

Compromise + communication + love + trust + belting out some Taylor Swift and you know you’ve got the right combination.

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