Creativity lives inside all of us.

There is a little creativity inside everyone regardless of your field of work; be it sales, customer service, marketing or finance – I mean they even have to creatively tell you how poorly your assets may be performing sometimes to lessen the bad news, right?

After reading a FastComany article I am now convinced, more than ever, this is true and have realized how important it is to express the creativity that lives inside us all. Those who have been able to embrace this have realized, and if they haven’t they will soon, that it allows them to escape from their work and everyday life, even if just for 30 minutes at time.

Some may argue it is ok to have this outlet looped with their work life; I have to disagree. The entire point is to escape, to give you an out. Give yourself time AWAY from work and away from anything work related.

Walk away from your work if you are at a roadblock. Give your brain time to concentrate on something other than strategy or marketing tactics and focus on getting the perfect shot of that couple so in love or perfect the sculpture you have been dying to start.

Although, if you are the lucky ones who have their passion as their JOB then go for it. Let the creativity take over and mix business with pleasure.

Personally, for a second I let my passion project take the form of photography. Regrettably, I have misplaced the actual .jpeg file, so much for the perfect shot.

@maggiecagney will one day inspire me to become a photographer.

@maggiecagney will one day inspire me to become a photographer.

Maybe one day I will let that creative side out again, just so happens I had a dream I was a photographer last night, coincidence?

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