A little motivation

A little motivation is sometimes exactly what you need, but it may be difficult to find.

A little motivation to get out of bed early in the mornings. Yes, there is that motivation to be at work on time in the mornings, but I’m talking about the motivation to get up on those days when I have the luxury to sleep in. The motivation to see the beautiful mornings on the UNC Chapel Hill Campus. The motivation to get up and log a few miles or ride a quick 20 miles.

A little motivation to prove someone wrong. Prove someone wrong who challenges your ability. Your ability to do anything, whether it be academic, professionally, personally or whatever. Do not let the pressure, anxiety, expectations or confusion someone may be placing on you get in your way. Use the motivation that comes from within to push through and move past these different road blocks.

A little motivation to know what inspires you. Find that motivation that inspires you in life rather than what drives you. Know what what inspires you is what is going to fulfill you in life rather than what drives you. Find that motivation to continue your search. If you haven’t found your inspiration yet, it will come and when it does it that inspiration will carry you throughout your life.

A little motivation to discover yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others, even though we all do it, and I’m guilty of it too. Constantly comparing yourself to other is preventing you from seeing and discovering yourself and your own talents, the talents and unique gifts you can give to the world. Find the motivation to discover the qualities you admire in others and realize those qualities are the ones you need to nurture and realize inside yourself.

Each step you take is a step taken forward, even though at times it may feel like you are moving backward. Do not stress and find your own motivation.

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